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Hi! After the welcoming the first tutorial had, I wanted to post quickly this second part, in this we'll see how to create textures with animations, and how to do texture blendings / blend overrides, the video assumes you've some knowledge already of Blender and WBS, (and a bit more after the first video).

In this tutorial we'll make use of BOTH UV CHANNELS, so you'll need to download my edited M2 build for WBS, also we'll be using this tools and templates:


(You can also skip using PyModelEditor and do everything in 010 Editor if you know how to, I can do a tutorial on that too, as sometimes PyModelEditor doesn't open the files, or can fuck up things.)



010 Editor:




Alastor's M2 and skin template:




My edited M2 Build for exporting second UVMap (you'll need this for this tutorial):



New required textures:



You'll notice my M2 template wasn't the last one in the video, but you can follow it up (and understand it even better as Alastor updated the alt mapping part) if you download the last one, but you'll need an updated 010 editor.


Also thanks to Inico for his original tutorials on texture animations and blend mode overrides, you can check them up here if you want more information:




Official M2 Build from WBS discord: https://discord.com/channels/402049199740289025/958430982359375962/1006360118595694602

WoW Blender Studio Discord: https://discord.gg/8rskkJwC


Thanks to Tomkek for giving me permission on using his model for this, visit his channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Tomkektv


Check here the first part of the tutorial, with the original required files (we'll continue from what we did before):


P.S: If anyone needs more info about some things I did in 010 Editor, I can edit this post and add more info, but I think it's pretty well explained in the video right now ^^
P.S2: If anyone wants to see anything in specific in the future, tell me your ideas too :D



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