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Welcome to WoW Modding!

Modcraft was the birthplace of WoW modding but it sadly died a slow death.
Model-Changing had the same fate and slowly broke more and more over time and eventually died.
This time we want to make it better.
WoW Modding is based on the old Model Changing-Board (~October 2023) and all of its posts can be found in the Model-Changing Archive (Read Only).
The old downloads, shared galleries and written tutorials can be found in our Download and Gallery areas and in the Tutorial Archive (Read Only).

We also added a bunch of features to the platform and plan to add more in the near future.
You can find information about these things in the Features forum.

We also have to say that we launch earlier as expected due to the issues with the old Model Changing forum.
That's why e.g. the tutorial area is not yet done. But we're working on it!
We know that, especially in the Tutorials archive, some links, images and attachments are broken. Sadly that's nothing that we could repair without spending an absurd amount of time on it. And if you set that in relation with the posting date (the first ones were posted in 2015), they will probably be outdated and overly complex anyways. Instead we will use that time to make the platform better and writing new, up to date tutorials that will - hopefully - help you in your modding journey.
And due to security reasons we forbid special characters in usernames. If you had e.g. a @ or & in your username, it got removed. You should be able to configure your username on your profile page -> Account Settings -> Display Name.
We hope that's understandable and we're sorry for that.

We hope you'll love all the work we've put into this community.
Feel free to post in the Suggestions forum if you're unhappy with something or have an idea to make this place even better.

Your WoW Modding Team

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